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Every evening during Adventure Days you have the possibility to listen to exciting lectures about travel and adventure on motorcycles. We try to offer a nice mix of different lectures every year – both great adventures from around the world and the smaller, more local, adventures. Regardless of your next upcoming adventure you will get valuble advices. We also try to have some technical lecture, for example GPS and suspension.

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Petra Stridfeldt - Nordkapp

Many of you may know Petra from This summer she left Anders home and did a trip up to Nordkapp on her own. We’ll see a lot of beautiful pictures from her tour through Norway.


Martin Larsson & Christian Bramsner - Chernobyl

Martin and Christian will talk about their trip to the BMW factory in Berlin and Chernobyl. They will also talk about their upcoming trip through (close to) all the countries in Europe.


Touratech Experience - Offroad School & Adventure Travel

Touratech Experience does not only arrange Adventure Days, but also rider training on gravel and adventure travel to Portugal and Iceland. We’ll talk more detailed about our adventures and show pictures and films.

Offroad School & Adventure Travel

Indian Adventures - The Himalayas

Indian Adventures arrange motorcycle trips in different locations, including the Himalayas. They’ll talk about how it is to ride on some of the highest roads in the world.

The Himalayas

Lars Eriksson - GPS Navigation

Lars Eriksson is a former employee of Garmin Sweden and he’ll share some of his deep GPS knowledge in form of a GPS-training. He’ll go through both basic information about the devises and profound functions in BaseCamp.

GPS Navigation